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Elven MX

02 Clip ON [SteelERO]

02 Clip ON [SteelERO]

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The frames SteelEROS They represent the perfect synthesis between functionality and style. Made with premium metal materials, these frames guarantee exceptional durability without sacrificing lightness. Its classic design merges with a modern touch, providing a timeless aesthetic that adapts to any occasion.

The innovative TR90 technology used in the manufacturing of these frames not only ensures superior strength but also optimal all-day comfort. The SteelEROS come equipped with polarized clip-ons, providing total protection against glare and UV rays, ensuring clear and sharp vision in any environment.

These frames are designed to adapt to the individual needs of each user, allowing easy prescription of lenses according to the required prescription. Their subtle elegance is combined with impeccable functionality, making them the ideal choice for those seeking a perfect balance between style and performance. With the SteelEROS, sophistication and practicality come together in one piece.


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