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Arkemo 28 3 Clip ON [ARKEMA]

Arkemo 28 3 Clip ON [ARKEMA]

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Discover Clip On glasses, with frames made of Arkema resin, a sustainable, light and flexible option for your active lifestyle!

Arkema is recognized for its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the production of advanced materials , and our frames are no exception. Made from Arkema resin, these frames are not only strong and durable, but they are also environmentally friendly.

The Arkema resin used in our frames is a light and flexible material that adapts comfortably to your face , providing an unparalleled wearing experience. Furthermore, its sustainable composition demonstrates our commitment to environmental conservation.

These Clip On frames are ready for you to adjust to your visual needs. Whether you need glasses for reading, distance, or to correct other vision problems, our experts are ready to fit lenses to your exact specifications.

Don't compromise your style or comfort. With Arkema's resin material Clip On lenses, you can enjoy clear, protected vision while standing out with a unique and sustainable style. Join the optical fashion revolution and make a conscious choice for your eyes and the planet!

SIZE: MEDIUM 50-18-140

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