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Elven MX

Megaton Brown Clip ON[GRAFITON]

Megaton Brown Clip ON[GRAFITON]

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Discover Grafiton , the revolutionary line of prescription-ready polarized carbon fiber Clip-On lenses with a metal frame. At Elven MX, we present you the latest combination of technology and style.

Imagine having the comfort of being able to adapt your lenses to different situations without sacrificing design and quality. With Grafiton, that is possible . These Clip-On lenses are made from carbon fiber, making them an ultra-lightweight and impact-resistant option.

Do you worry about protecting your eyes? No problem. Grafiton lenses are polarized, meaning they effectively filter out annoying reflections and harmful UV rays. With them, your eyes will always be protected, no matter the environment you are in.

Plus, Grafiton Clip-On lenses are prescription-ready, allowing you to customize the prescription to your visual needs. Now you can enjoy sharp, clear vision without having to wear multiple pairs of lenses.

Are you ready to experience the lightest and most durable in lenses? Discover Grafiton at Elven MX and take your viewing experience to the next level.


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