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Elven MX

Metraton Clip ON[Blessed]

Metraton Clip ON[Blessed]

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Welcome to the world of elevated vision with the new Blessed line from Elven MX! 🌟 These glasses are pure gratitude in every detail. Made from premium acetate, they offer you not only clear vision, but also a touch of extravagance that makes all the difference.

The eccentric design of the Blessed does not go unnoticed. Why settle for the ordinary when you can stand out with style? Every detail has been carefully thought out so that your glasses are not just a tool, but a fashion statement!

Do you want to add a magnetic touch to your style? No problem! With the included polarized magnetic clip-on, you can transform your glasses into an accessory that will not only attract attention, but will also allow you to show off that unique flow that only you have.

And, of course, we don't forget graduation. Blessed are available with the precision your eyes need, so you can see the world with the clarity you deserve.

In short, Elven MX's Blessed line is not just a collection of glasses, it's an experience! Give your eyes the luxury they deserve and discover the perfect mix of quality, design and gratitude. Not only are they glasses, they are a blessing to your style and your vision! 🌈✨


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