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Elven MX

Micky [KIDZ]

Micky [KIDZ]

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We present the "Elven MX Kidz" line of glasses, designed especially for the little ones in the house. These lenses are made with TR90, an ultra-resistant material that guarantees exceptional durability. In addition, they have silicone or rubber alloys that provide them with maximum flexibility and make them expandable, adapting perfectly to the changes and movements of children.

Our "Elven MX Kidz" line offers multi-phase designs, designed to fit all types of personalities. Whether your child is adventurous, creative or sporty, you'll find the perfect style that reflects their essence and allows them to express themselves with confidence.

These glasses also come equipped with a polarized clip-on, ready to protect your children's eyes from the sun's rays. The clip-on fits easily over regular lenses, providing full protection for the kid, even on the sunniest days.

In addition, we offer a graduation service or blue light treatments. If your child needs vision correction or requires additional protection against the blue light emitted by electronic devices, simply send us the prescription and we will adapt the lenses to their specific needs.

With the "Elven MX Kidz" line, you can rest easy knowing that your children will enjoy total protection and personalized style. Our goal is to take care of children's vision while allowing them to express themselves through their lenses.

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