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Elven MX

Stone Yellow SE [FULL COLOR]

Stone Yellow SE [FULL COLOR]

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Hey you vato or morra! Are you looking for some chiloria glasses that protect you from both the sun and eyestrain? Do not look any further! Full Color Micas with photochromic technology are what you need.

With their photochromic technology , they automatically darken when sunlight hits them, so you won't have to worry about changing glasses every time you go outdoors. In addition, they have an anti-reflective coating that allows you to see clearly in any situation, yes, even at the craziest parties!

You can choose from a variety of color shades to complement your personal style. And do you want to know the best? Our special edition Elven models have a unique frame design that will make you look super cool!

Don't waste any more time and try the Full Color Micas with photochromic technology in our special edition Elven models, we are sure you will love them! Don't wait any longer, dude!


Front: 15 cm.

Height: 5 cm.

Arms: 15 cm.

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